Hello World KSP Part

To create a part there is a series of hoop’s you have to jump through, even if that is only to create a cylinder in order to prove you can do this…

A minimum list of what you will need:

  • Model – model.mu
  • A texture – model000.mbm
  • Part config file – part.cfg

You can also add a bump map but I believe this is optional. (model001.mbm I think but this and the texture file is probably dependent on the number of textures that you add)


This can be created through various modelling programs, I’ve started out using Blender as a starting point, essentially as a starting point you only really need a cylinder to build a test part.
But it is worthwhile getting a few settings right as it will save some problems later.
I used the Novapunch guide as a starting point, to create a cylinder and get the scale right.
The KSP parts loader seems to have replaced the import method at the end of the of that tutorial, so essentially you just need a cylinder scaled to the right size.
Uniity can natively load Blender files so saving your cylinder once setup is all that is required.


Since this is just a simple part and texturing is a subject all of its own, all you will need is a small .png file (or other compatible image file) to apply as a texture. I created a basic color .png file using GIMP.

Part file

You can use any part file as a starting point, using one of the simpler parts will make for a easier editing just edit the values to match your part, the Novapunch guide goes into this in detail, but all that is required is a valid part file to get this into KSP.

Building the Part

Once you have the required components you then just need to piece this together in Uniity along with the KSP part loader to write out your part.
C7 has created a video on using the part tools to convert a model once in Unity, and once written out you should have a model.mu, and your model000.mbm files
Add your modified parts.cfg into the folder and transfer this into a copy of KSP\Parts folder (A dev install of KSP seperate from your play version is highly recommended)

This should now load into KSP and give you a part in game to use on your vessel.


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